Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trying to get back on my feet: Pinky Promise.

I've been falling up and down for a couple of years now. I guess I have much work to do with myself and others in order for my life to work properly and for everything to fall in (or out) of place. I haven't been consistently writing as much due to this processes that come and go and interfere with my daily goals and actions.

I promise to write more. Writing makes everything better.
And since I need things to be and get better, therefor I must write.

Soon, I'll be posting once a week or even more, and everything will be better. Pinky promise.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Stuff and it's history: A revealing introduction.

The Story of Stuff is revealing. Shocking.  Horrifying. Humbling.

This short film portrays the economic system in a nutshell, in a way so simple yet without leaving out all of the complexes nooks and crannies of it all. If you have not seen this amazing life-changing-in-your-face-woah-this-is-not-right-lets-do-something-about-it documentary please click the following link and do it for yourself and the rest of humanity: The Story of Stuff.

The creators of this documentary took the task upon themselves to try and explain the many complexities of our system, starting with Stuff, a zoomed-out point of view of late capitalism. Then they zoomed in into other specific systems inside the big system, like bottled water, cap and trade and cosmetics. I wanted to take an entire post to just take this great film to you for your own personal knowledge and for you to share. It's just a copy-paste, but it works. This is something everyone who uses cosmetics and personal care products should know about.

Watch, learn and share! Tell me what you thought about it! Hold parties to watch and discuss! Do a special activity on your school or campus! Watch it with your mom and grandma! Make it your family time! Spread the word!