Sunday, January 22, 2012

A seed.

Seeds come in many shapes, sizes, colors and flavors.  Some need to be planted, some travel on their own, some are illegally sold, some are copyrighted, but they all are meant to grow.  Seeds grow and produce.  They produce plants that adorn our sights, some give us meals and some are planted to spread ideas.

Since 2009, I have been part of a group of individuals that unite for a week in the woods, to plant and spread seeds, in hopes for a better tomorrow.  It has been a great journey, a lovely learning experience, a wicked good time and a much needed STEP (visit this link to know about this amazing eco-justice program!) to grow. Of all the things I've gained from this, apart from a group of friends that I will never stop loving, I have learned to feel empowered and empower others with my knowledge. There are many sad truths about the world that we learn together in each workshop, but there is always a gateway to a solution.  

Last summer, I was asked to help around with workshops, apart from my usual business,which is creating delicious vegetarian and vegan meals. Little did I know, that one afternoon, sitting beside Michelle going over a D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) activity, I would be struck with a reality huge reality check. 

The topic was personal care products mixed in with a little Eco-feminism. I had always tried to find products that were not tested on animals. I once even tried to create my own personal concoctions, like my failed D.I.Y. deodorant that made my pits burn like the pits of hell, because I read somewhere the aluminum in typical pit-deodorizers gave you Alzheimer's (which is still true). But I guess I had never given real thought of what we make our bodies go through every day because of our daily beauty/hygiene routines... After peeking into the truth about our personal care and beauty industry and the reality of their products, I will never go back. 

This space has been created to spread the knowledge that is out there for all of us to learn,but is hidden behind shady labels and euphemisms.  Lets take back our bodies and our minds, one product at a time.

Lets plant new seeds of truth, health and real beauty. Join me!

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